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Wiper Systems <>
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of Bellows, Rollaway Covers, Telescopic Spring Covers, Telescopic Covers, Cable Carriers, Wiper Systems.

Smeaton Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (SECO) <>
It is a professional services company which provides multi-disciplinary services in the field of transportation and infrastructure including Roads and Highways. Field & Laboratory investigations, Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Engineering Designs, Tender Document Preparation, Procurement Services, Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance, Independent engineer, Owner's engineers, Environmental Management Planning and Resettlement & Rehabilitation Planning.

UBM Engineering <agarcia@unitedboiler>
UBM Engineering, is a Puerto Rico based, industrial boiler, sales, repair, and parts distribution company.

Heat design Equipment Inc <>
Manufactures patented high intensity infrared heaters for asphalt pavement construction and repair including:
- longitudinal joint heaters to reheat a cold joint during new paving operation so that uncompated edge of cold lane is recompacted and a sealed joint is made between cold and hot lane 11 years success in Canada without slowing the paving operation
- large efficient pavement preheaters to ensure a bond and compaction during cold weather paving operations, no waiting on site for better ambient conditions for paving
- smaller infrared heaters for repair of minor surface deficiencies in new pavements.. instead of sawcutting
- large heater patchers to structurally repair surface course in isolated patch areas, leaving a sealed and mechanical joint at edge of patch

Manufacturer of gasket material & gasket machine.
The material:asbestos gasket sheet, non-asbestos gasket,graphite sheet, ptfe gasket sheet, ceramic yarn & packing, fiberglass yarn & packing, asbestos yarn & packing

Machine:gasket machine, gasket cutting machine, packing braid machine, etc


Maviok <maviok>
Eglence Portali, Küfürlü atasözleri, Hazir Cep Mesajlari, Komikler, Fikralar

Infrastructure Management & Associates <>
Pavement design, evaluation, maintenance and management. Training for and installation of pavement management systems for large and small agencies.

R. Bouwmeester & ~~ -- Land development engineering with a specialty in sun position modelling (with applications in urban development, site planning, building design and accident reconstruction).

Southern ~~ -- Southern Manufacturing specializes in Coated fabrics, coated cloths, high temperature fabrics and textiles, and high temperature insulation used in welding, safety, insulation, protection, and conveyor belts or woven convey or belting. ~~ -- Fulflex specializes in Comfi-fit elastics, elastics, engraving, laserflex, latex, elastomer, photopolymer, polycril, polymer, printing, scrim, sewing, sheeting, spandex, tapes, textile, and other elastics. ~~ -- Elastotec specializes in rubber, natural rubber, rubber sheet, rubber thread, rubber tape, synthetic rubber, latex free, strip elastic, elastic, rubber sheeting, latex sheeting, latex alternatives, latex free rubber, elastomers, neoprene, rubber trimmings, elastic straps, and specialty textiles.

RM Engineered ~~ -- RM Engineered Products specializes in: automotive insulation, sealing products, braided packings, gasket sheets, insulation sleeving, thermal insulation, rubber sheet, missile insulation, ablative rubber, missel insulation, pump packings, valve packings, pump and valve packings, compression packings, exhaust insulation, insulation sleeving, abrasion resistant sleeving, insulation tape, silicone rubber, tadpole tape, door seals, gasket sheet, coated cloth, coated fabric, slit rubber, rocket motor insulation, aircraft seals, teflon, viton, fluorel, heat shields, fluid sealing, industrial textiles, neoprene, valve rings, hot gas seals, firewall, firewall seals, vee-rings, v-rings, firesleeving, fire sleeving, epdm rubber, high temperature, sleeving, tape, welding cloth, conveyor belting, asbestos substitute, asbestos replacement, aerospace, elastomers, stretch tape, stretchtape, fiberglass, exhaust, gasket fabricator, hostile environment protection, anti-corrosion, anti-heat, anti-cold, and flame retardant fabric.

RM ~~ -- RM/Dynex specializes in: expansion joints, flueduct expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, non-metallic expansion joints, and compensators

Alexander and ~~ http:// -- Retained Research

Public Works Online--mailto: ~~ -- The Marketplace for Professionals in the Public Works Industry

Piping Technology and ~~ -- Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and our fully owned subsidiaries Sweco Fab, Inc. and U.S. Bellows, Inc. are manufacturers of various high quality engineered products including pipe hangers (variable and constant load), spring hangers, expansion joints, mechanical and hydraulic snubbers, insulated pipe supports (cryogenic supports/cold shoes, hot shoes), and code pressure vessels and tanks.


Revised--February 21, 2003