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Antigravity research and technology site.

Carlo Santagata <>
Considerations of Theoretical Physics

ic <>
physics directory and search engine

Todd Gooch <>
G-Unit Theory: The Physical Geometry of Supersymmetry and the Grand Unification of All Force; Independent derivation of the ideal gas law freeware - Two G-Units are observed to exhibit ideal gas law behavior.

-- Tuesday, December 17, 2002
Amer Industrial Technologies, Inc. <>

· ASME Nuclear and Non-Nuclear\ TEMA Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
· ASME Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Pressure Vessels and Tanks
· ASME B31.1 Shop Fabricated Piping
· Heavy Walled Pressure Vessels
· Custom Weldments
· Nuclear Pulsation Dampeners
· Nuclear Venturis, Orifices, and Flow Elements
· Nuclear Canisters, Casks, and Containers
· Nuclear Procured & Stamped Materials
o Pipes, Tubing, Plates, Sheets, Bars, Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Shapes, Backing Rings, Welding Rod & Wire

ASME Accreditation\ National Board Certificates of Authorization
-AIT, Inc. has held the following Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Certificates for over 25 years

· “N” Certificate for Class 1,2,3 and MC Nuclear Vessels and Supports
· “NPT” Certificate for Class 1,2,3, MC and MC Nuclear Shop Assembly
· “NA” Certificate for Class 1,2,3, and MC Nuclear Shop Assembly
· “U” and “U2” Certificate for Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers
· “R” National Board Certificate for Repairs and Alterations

Quality Programs

· ASME Section III, Divisions 1 and 3, NCA\WA-3800, NCA\WA-4000.
· ASME Section VIII, Divisions 1 & 2.
· NQA-1 with Supplements
· 10CFR50, Appendix B.
· Inspections are performed by qualified inspectors in accordance with ASME Codes (All Sections) & AWSD1.1

-- Saturday, October 05, 2002
Why Is The Sky Blue <>
Why is the sky blue, you ask? Find out the humorous reasons on this scientific site of misinformation.

1 Nuclear ~~ -- is a comprehensive guide to nuclear news and information on the internet.

Iridian Spectral ~~ -- Iridian Spectral Technologies manufactures custom optical coatings and thin film filters for fiber optic telecommunication systems.

Wardrop Engineering ~~ -- multi-disciplinary consulting firm, including civil, mechanical, software, environmental, process, and nuclear engineering.


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