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David Herres <>

I have a website: It is an educational site providing knowledge and expertise for electricians. Do you want to trade links? If so please let me know and I will put your URL on my links page. Thanks. David Herres

-- <>
All about Electricity, Electronics, Electromagnetism and Electrochemistry
Patents, Inventors, Inventions, Discoveries And
Theses & Dissertations

Electrical Testing by Format Electrical Services Ltd. <>
Format Electrical Services undertake all manner of Electrical Testing services, including industrial service and maintenance. Visit us for more on our electrical testing services.

Mettrix Technology Corporation <>
Thank you for taking an interest in our company by visiting our listing on Global Spec. We would like to you to know how we can help your company meet its goals.
In addition to PC Board design and production, we do box builds, harness and cable assembly, and electromechanical design and assembly. .
We work with Tanzco Management Consultants to help small and mid-size manufacturers cope with the compliance issues created by the new environmental regulations like RoHS, WEEE, and California SB 20/50.

If you do business in Europe, China, Japan, California, Maine or Massachusetts or if your product contains electrical, electronic, plastic or metal components, you will be required to comply with new laws or have your products forced out of the marketplace.

We provide end-to end services for rapid, objective, and cost-effective environmental compliance solutions including:
Compliance Audits
Step-by-step compliance assistance
BOM assessments (scrubbing)
Compliant component recommendations
Mechanical and PC board design
Electrical and electro-mechanical assembly
PC Board manufacture
Product life cycle management of restricted items
Deconstruction guidelines and reverse supply chain solutions
Information updating service
Now would be the time to address compliance issues you may have in the future before you are stuck with inventory you can't move. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you manage the changes caused by these new laws.

Giraffe Production Systems <>
Software and integration to automate capacity planning and plant scheduling through dynamic linking to PLCs. Integration services for re-allocating production across expanded or diminished time-horizons and re-scheduling production across manufacturing plants, processing areas, machine families and machines. Preventative maintenance scheduled automatically and automatically re-scheduled upon machine breakdown.

Yoni - Electrical Design And Installations <>
An electrical information site providing electrical services and answering most questions concerning electrical issues in Israel. A must for all who live in, or are planning to live in, Israel.

Yoni - Electrical Design And Installations <>
Anelectrical information site providing electrical services and answering most questions concerning electrical issues in Israel. A must for all who live in, or are planning to live in, Israel.

Megavolt Electrical Services
An electrical information site providing electrical services and answering most questions concerning electrical issues in Israel. A must for all who live in, or are planning to live in, Israel.

Industrial Automation Consulting-- ~~Automation and PLCs.

IMV Projects Inc.

IMV Projects is a Calgary based multi-discipline engineering, procurement, construction management company for oil and gas facilities and pipelines. We have all disciplines in-house and use third parties for specialty expertise or technology.

We perform:

Engineering & Design
Engineering Studies
Feasibility Studies
Project Cost Estimating
Capital Cost Tender Packages for Equipment & Services
Field & Shop Inspection
Material Handling & Control

JAE Automation

JAE Automation is a systems integration firm specializing in PLC Programming, SCADA/HMI systems, Electrical Design, Process Control, Robot Integration, Utilities Information/Control and Vision Systems. We are located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Visit our page for more details!

Canel Technologies ~~ Distributor of Jmag Studio in North America, electromagnetic analysis software. High expertise consulting in electromagnetic simulation.

Semiconductor Links---- Semiconductor related resources for the semiconductor industry. Free Listing Available.

TEC, -- Electrical, Lighting, HVAC, Plumbing design for construction. Located in Eastlake, Ohio.

BRIC Consulting -- Full range of engineering and consulting services: mechanical, electrical, systems design, computer and software engineering, industrial and plant engineering including plant layout, material flow optimization, energy management, process control and more.

AXIOM -- Electrical engineering services for Southern Ontario regions.

Klockner Moeller & -- relays, contactors, limit switches, pushbuttons, etc.

Munro electrical -- We are an electrical supply house doing bussiness online. We also have industry links and a message board on our web page. Check us out.

Diesel Power Plant ~~ Consulting services for the development and operation of Diesel Power Plant (25 to 200 MW)based on low speed engines (100 to 160 rpm and unit capacities of 15 to 50 MW) and medium speed engines (400 to 750 rpm and unit capacities of 7 to 18 MW).

Power Online- -- The Marketplace for Professionals in the Power Industry

ElectricNet -- The Marketplace for Professionals in the Power Distribution and Energy Services Industry

Intetron Consulting -- Electromagnetic Compatibility. Noise Control in ELectronic Systems.

Multec Canada -- Multec Canada Ltd., is a merger of two well established employment agencies who specialize in the placement of higher technical and managerial personnel. Intech, established in 1981 has been a successful partner to companies for permanent placement. Renco Design, established in 1955 as an engineering design house, has streamlined it's business to provide highly qualified people on a contract/project basis. Together we now form Multec Canada Ltd. Multec Canada Ltd. is a division of Brunel International, a world wide source for engineers and managers. Based in Holland, Brunel has over 90 offices in 13 industrialized countries. Last year we matched over 4000 professionals to career opportunities. With our knowledge of the local market and our strength in international recruiting, we can help you acquire the best people in the world!

Fluoro Mechanic Co., -- Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Handling Tools. Vacuum Wands, Pumps, Wafer Tweezers, Wafer Aligners, etc. ESD safe products and tools for 300mm wafers also available.

DPL Systems Engineering - Controls and Automation in Atlantic Canada
Current Thinking Inc. - Power Quality, Electrical Network Diagnostics, Harmonics and Power Factor
Emco Engineering Limited - Electrical Engineering Consultants for municipal, institutional, and industrial systems including power and distribution, SCADA, instrumentation, lighting, fire and intrusion.
Conquest Technology, Inc. - CAD printed circuit board design layout, bare board fabrication and circuit card assembly engineering services.
Boiler / Cogeneration Control - Boiler / Cogeneration Control and Burner Managment Systems DCS SCADA SLC PLC MMI
CBCL Limited - Engineering Services Including Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation and Controls, Industrial Engineering, and Project Management
DB Engineering - Consulting Engineering - Energy management, energy balances, cogeneration, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, dynamic simulations of transient regimes and controls, pipes/ducts networks.
D.D.D.G. Technical Services Inc.- Design, drafting, project and construction management services to industry, including processes, machines & facilities, PLC's, power, site plans, building structures & technical placement.
Hinz Consulting Ltd. - Electrical Engineering services Automation System Integrator Software PLC DCS SCADA MMI
Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited - Life safety systems, power generation and distribution, energy audits, security and communication systems, traffic management systems, lighting and highway lighting.
Arnold Nemetz & Associates - Electrical engineering consultants specializing in commercial/residential power & lighting.
Nu Horizons Electrnoics - Leading distributor of electronic components with a powerful website for electrical engineers
Shaflik Engineering Ltd. - Engineering Services Including Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, and Project Management


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