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Heat/Air Ventilation


Floor Heating Ltd <>
Specialists in underfloor heating and insulation.

Western ~~ -- At Western Engineering, we can provide the entire structural, mechanical and electrical design for an entire building. We believe in working with customers and contractors to provide the complete building design in one convenient package.

We have extensive experience in the residential, commercial and industrial structural design industries. We offer Site Development, Building Layout and Structural design in the following key areas:

Multi-story condominium and hotel complexes. Commercial stores and warehouses. Garages, gas stations, mechanic shops and car washes. Schools and medical centers. Pre-engineered buildings for various uses, including skating rinks and military facilities.

We have experience designing structures with cast-in-place concrete, masonry block, structural steel, steel stud, traditional wood framing and post & beam construction.

Western Engineering has a history of being fast, dedicated and accurate in our designs. We make sure the project is done right, on time and on budget. ~~ -- is the USA's most comprehensive guide to construction resources on the Internet. indexes, profiles, and links to more than 2,500 different Web sites with information useful to construction industry professionals.

LIBBY ENGINEERING ~~ -- libby engineering limited is an engineering contracting firm specializing in the design and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dust control for commercial and industrial applications. A leading service provider for over 50 years of experience in design and installation of air systems. Turnkey solution and undivided responsibility. designer of LACO-AIR INC. products.

HGC ~~ -- HGC provides noise, vibration and acoustical consulting services. We have extensive experience in analyzing and testing industrial HVAC equipment for noise and vibration issues. In all cases HGC emphasizes thorough measurement, testing and analysis through an extensive collection of software and specialized instruments.

Piping Technology and ~~ -- Piping Technology & Products, Inc. and our fully owned subsidiaries Sweco Fab, Inc. and U.S. Bellows, Inc. are manufacturers of various high quality engineered products including pipe hangers (variable and constant load), spring hangers, expansion joints, mechanical and hydraulic snubbers, insulated pipe supports (cryogenic supports/cold shoes, hot shoes), and code pressure vessels and tanks.

Variable Mechanical Services ~~ -- Vancouver based service company specializing in refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, controls, boilers and Gas A contracting. Service, maintenance, engineering design, energy efficiency upgrades and combustion analysis.


Revised--February 21, 2003