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Biomedical/Biological Engineering

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-- Saturday, October 05, 2002
Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts <info @>
Biologists who design/engineer naturally functioning aquatic habitats.

-- Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Broadax Systems Inc. <>
Rugged portable computers and servers for industry & research organizations by BSI Computer. Rugged highly durable and reliable lunchbox computers for scientific, industrial, and military applications.

Date: February 22, 2001

Walters Forensic ~~ -- Since 1973 Walters Forensic Engineering has provided services that set the standard in the Forensic Engineering industry. We are a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in the following: Fire Investigation, Product Liability/Defect, Human Factors/Personal Injury, Environmental, Civil/Structural Engineering, Accident Reconstruction and Scientific Computer Animation

Date: September 20, 1999

Bioresearch Online--mailto: ~~ -- The Marketplace for Professionals in the Biological Research Industry


GZA GeoEnvironmental Technologies, Inc. - Geoenvironmental engineering and information management experts. Host of the Bioremediation Discussion Group (BioGroup) on the Internet (
McVay Consulting Associates - Technology scouting and assessment, new product development, design control management consulting and legal expert consulting


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