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Laboratory Equipment


Antibodies Online is the biggest online marketplace for research antibodies and related products worldwide that is independent of manufacturers. Everyday countless scientists from the USA, Europe and Asia use our website to research needed reagents and antibodies. Currently we are listing more than 430,000 antibodies and over 71,000 ELISA kits from more than 140 suppliers from all over the world and deliver to over 50 different countries.

Assets 2 Market  - 
We deal in a wide variety of equipment that includes all types of wafer manufacturing tools, vacuum pumps, clean room equipment, inspection microscopes, test and measurement and laboratory equipment.  Our inventory is available on the internet at .

Laboratory Equipments <>
Manufacturers and exporters of laboratory equipments such as test tubes, electron microscope galvanoscope and microscope.

Mesaad & Co <>
We produces exceptional QUALITY Surgical and Dental Instruments.

LeBord <>
Lebord offers complete range of Orthopedic Instruments.
All our products meet ISO 9001, CE and cGMP standards. We stand behind our products with a full guarantee to provide satisfaction for the user.

Dressing: Bandage scissors, Plaster shears, Plaster knives, Plaster saw, Plaster spreader, Plaster breaker, Plaster scissors.
Orthopedic: Amputation saws, Reamers, Hand bone drill, Bone holding clamps, Pliers, Wire and relevant products,
Bone rasps, Biopsy instruments, Bone levers and retractors, Chisels / Gouges / Osteotomes, Curretes, Elevators and Dissectors, Finger and toe nail instruments, Bone holding forceps, Bone rongeurs, Mallets, Meniscotomes and tendon instruments and TC GOLD INSTRUMENTS.

Jamia Mosque Street #7, Shahabpura Road, Sialkot-PAKISTAN
Tel: 92523553747   Fax: 92523552417
Contact Person: Arshed Chughtai

Zest Enterprises <>
We are Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Surgical, Dental, Manicure, Diagnostic Instruments, Veterinary, Orthodentic, Orthopedic and Scissors of all sorts..Good quality and very reasonable prices.
We offer free samples to acknowledge the quality.Price F.O.B and C& F
Please visit our web-site at and view a catalogue of our complete range of products with price lists.

Head-office: Daska Road, Haji Pura
Sialkot, Pakistan
Factory: Harar China Chowk Wazirabad Road, Sialkot
Tel: +92523555186  +923216107118  Fax: +92523242488

we are one of the leading manufacturer/exporter of surgical instruments such as surgical dental instruments, surgical bone instruments, surgical manicure instruments, surgical padicure instruments, surgical holloware tc, and all sorts of scissors. we are exporting our manufacturing products in allover the world. our company is certified the international quality standard ISO 9002-2000

DAIMTRADERS are the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of all sorts of Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology, Manicure & Pedicure,Veterinary and All Sort Scissors like asa Barber, Thinning And Utilitty Surgical, Dental, Eye, operation scissors in Sialkot Pakistan for the last many years, we are enjoying good reputation in the business market. We are working under quality management system, we have our own manufacturing units which are very modern and latest, our price are very economical to the other suppliers.
We produce high quality Dental, Surgical, Eye, Heart, Hospital, Manicure & Pedicure Instruments. we request you kindly extend your co-operation and start business with our company for these above mentioned products, we will serve you better than other, you can see some of our products on our web site at this at

22 Regment Bazar Cantt
Sialkot ,pakistan
Ph : 0092 052 4269661  - Fax : 0092 052 4297306   -  Cell : 0092 0300 619 2796

ZAMAHA Dental Co. <>
SPECIAL ITEMS In Dental : Tooth Extracting Forceps for Child & Adult, Scalers, Curver, Mouth Mirrors, Bone Curette, Root Elevator, Impression Trays, Orthodontic Pliers, Filling Instruments and all range of dental.

OxygenPlus Oxygen Concentrators <>
Oxygen concentrators for labratories and hospitals.

LabJupiter <>
A marketplace of over 1,400 listings of all types of used laboratory equipment. Balances, autoclaves, fume hoods, centrifuges, viscometers, microscopes, ovens, furnaces, baths and chillers, power supplies, vacuum equipment, optical/photonic equipment and much more. View these real time listings with detailed specifications, prices, and high-quality photos. Deal directly with the equipment owners. ~~ -- The consumer guide for the life science community, providing product reviews and comparisons

Structural Bioinformatics Inc. - used laboratory equipments

BioWorld Inc. - We sell and distribute Laboratory Essentials, reagents, Biomedical and Life Science supplies.


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