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Security & Vault Equipment


We offer customers a complete range of residential & commercial security systems, business security solutions, business alarm systems, and services that are unparalleled. What's more, our commitment to you extends far beyond our unmatched security solutions.
CENTRAL has a range of technologically-advanced security products and services, and you're invited to explore them here. Learn about the many ways in which SIGNAL can help your organization improve its security and its bottom line. Contact CENTRAL SECURITY for an on-site consultation at 514-845-7779.

Intrusion Detection
Our Intrusion Detection and Control solutions help prevent unauthorized entry and robbery, and can help reduce insurance premiums by up to 20%

Video Surveillance
CENTRAL's broad range of Video Surveillance solutions can help you run your business more efficiently, and help protect against loss by aiding in the deterrence, detection and documentation of vandalism and theft.

Fire and Life Safety
Designed to help meet the diverse needs of businesses big and small, CENTRAL's solutions can help protect property, lives, and the future of your business.

Electronic Access Control
Access Control solutions from CENTRAL can help you limit and monitor access to your business so that you can better protect valuable assets, sensitive areas, and staff.

Intercom System
Systems Designed to your needs, big and small buildings CENTRAL can take care of all your needs.

Monitoring Services
Look to monitoring solutions by CENTRAL where your security our first concern, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Signal Security <>
We Have been in Business Since 1996, We offer all your Security Needs, from Alarm System, Pre-Wiring of buildings, Fire Systems, Intercomm Systems, Video Surveillance. Please call Mr. Lishon Daniel at 514-898-4835

Based on the laser technology and acousto-optical deflection of infra-red laser beam LaserVarioImager is ideal for self-adhesive labels, hot stamping foil, holographic materials, laminated films, wide range of transparent and colored films.
- It makes destructive individualization of labels and foil. Each hologram comes out with individual number or image and a potential forger can operate with partially destroyed hologram only.
- It makes holographic security more effective.
- High resolution variable bar coding on a small hologram provides machine aided tracking.
- Better visual appearance of cut or blocked images due to relaxed tolerance for margin demetallized holograms.

Opswat Inc. <>
Software / Security / Computers

-- Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Computer Abuse Monitoring <>
Managed Monitoring Solutions Inc. is the leader in outsourced workforce monitoring.

We proactively monitor each employee for computer related misuse, abuse, and illegal activity that harms productivity and your ability to do business.

Our award winning monitoring services are a cost-effecitve and reliable method of reducing your exposure to unwanted liability.

Secure Access Portals ~~ -- Single entry access metal detector security doors. Made of bullet proof/resistant glass, these mantraps prevent piggybacking and go virtually unmanned. Great for airports, building security, schools, government buildings, and weapons free workplace.

Highpower Security Products, ~~ -- Highpower is manufacturer of Electromagnetic Locks, Access Controls and Video Security Equipment.

prosteel security ~~ -- I have a friend with a older prosrteel security vault and would like to find a combination to the door. Please let me know where to get that type of information. The vault was manufactured in Provo, Utah. Thank You, Kay Davis

Global Drilling Suppliers, Inc. - Products used for Environmental Well Construction. Vaults and Roadboxes for below grade instrumentation.


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